May 16, 2022

Love Covers a Multitude of Sins

Read I Peter 4:10

Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins (ESV)

Study I Peter 4:10

Peter is not suggesting that loving others is easy, nor the wrong things people do against or toward you is okay. Love does not let people off the hook for their actions. On the contrary, when we love others with this kind of love, they may not realize it, but it makes them even more accountable to God for what they do, how they act towards others, and live, as they will not be able to claim they have not experienced true, forgiving, generous, gracious, or genuine love.

God knows as does Peter, this level or depth of love is not easy to come by nor hold onto and we will be challenged, wearied of loving others in this manner; we can only love others in this manner through the power of Christ to whom we are attached and draw our strength. One of the most difficult things we will have to do is love with a forgiving, gracious love, those who reject love, who don’t know their own worth or identity in Christ, who have wounds and scars they have never been healed of or released to God, who have attachment issues, or don’t know how to love themselves or accept love from others. God, through Christ Jesus has committed to helping us achieve the kind of loving that is beyond human ability or effort and when we find ourselves falling back into old ways of loving or withholding love, unable to get past our flesh or thinking He will help and strengthen us.          

Meditating on I Peter 4:10

Make a note of how I Peter 4:10 challenges you, whom it brings to mind and what the Spirit prompts you do to following a time of intentional meditation on what Peter is saying.


Dear Lord, loving to this magnitude is not easy—but you already know this! Thank you for the help you give us in this area. Our intentions are great and pure, but we don’t always live up to what’s in our heart concerning loving others. With your help we can do all things even accomplish this level of love. Amen    

Going Deeper:

Read Proverbs 10:12

Read James 5:19-20

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