May 5, 2022

Lesson Focus: The Importance of Humans in God’s Great Plan

1.Read Psalm 144:3

LORD, what are mortals, that you notice them; mere mortals, that you pay attention to us? (Psalm 144:3-4, GNT)

2.Studying Psalm 144:3

Whether the Bible translation you are familiar with or using, uses the words “man, mortals, or humans” they all refer to earthly beings, people. They all help  us pause to consider why God, who is Spirit, supreme in nature, all good, even pays attention to the likes of humans. We see this same message in Psalm 8, verse 4, also written by David, asking this same question. Perhaps at different times in his life he stops to ponder this point; wondering why God even pays attention to contentious mankind; fallible, infinite beings in comparison to an infallible, infinite God. David was not the first and certainly not the last. Down through the ages we have wondered the very same.

Have you ever thought why God spends so much time on you? Why he will not let you go? Why he comes to find you when you have been away from him; even trying to hide from him? Pays such close attention to your life? Has regard for your well-being, your future? We are not important because we are human, we are important because God sees us as such, because he shaped his plan of eternity around us. We are Important to God because he is gracious and loves us, and his plan is to spend eternity with us. Humans are the pinnacle (crown) of God’s creation and even with our issues and sin, our independence and forgetfulness of the things he does for us, he continues to love us perfectly and unconditionally, to desire our company above any other part of his creation, to look at us through eyes of love and carry a deep abiding attachment for us. We are not important to God because he is important to us, we are important to God because he made us, and we are his.

3.Meditating on Psalm 144:3

Can your meditation of David’s question in Psalm 144:3 help you consider (meditate on) your humanness, bravery to consider your sin and all your unattractive ways? When you are finished meditating on Psalms 144:3 and 8:4, will you become bold to live under the umbrella of God’s love and care empowered by the full knowledge of how important you are?      

4.Praying Psalm 144:3

God, when we think about it, we—just like David—often wonder the same thing: why do you pay any attention to frail human beings? Why have you gone to such great lengths to save us and keep us around for all eternity? Why you don’t wipe us out and start all over again—you could if you wanted! But instead, you care for us, regard us, pay close attention to us, reach down to help us, enter our darkness, without counting how many times you have done so. We don’t always know why; we can’t always say we understand fully, but we are truly grateful. May we continue to be important to you. Amen                  

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