April 30, 2022

Let us Bless the LORD

1.Read: Psalm 16:7

I bless the LORD who gives me counsel; in the night also my heart instructs me.

2.Study Psalm 16:7

Have you ever awakened and found you must have been praying in your sleep or God must have been instructing you as you slept? Not long ago I could not figure out how to do something on my computer and I had asked God to show me because I was not that technology savvy and could not understand how to accomplish something I wanted and needed. In the middle of the night the Lord showed me step by step what to do when I sat down at my computer to work the following day, I followed the steps the Lord had shown me and it worked!

Maybe you have experienced the Lord giving you counsel during the night also. Instructing you, leading you, answering your questions, guiding you in some needed way. As we read the Psalms (See Psalm 119:24 for example) we are instructed as David was. Our nighttime prayers and meditation are not wasted because even those help guide and keep us in the ways of God. David was in the habit of praying and meditating not only first thing in the morning but last thing before closing his eyes. God blessed David with wise counsel and David blessed God by studying his law, praying and meditating on his Word today we are able to follow in David’s footsteps as God keeps blessing us with wise counsel and we bless God by reading his word and taking it to heart.  

3.Meditate on Psalm 16:7  

How is your practice of meditating on God’s Word daily paying off? Do you sense God blessing you through meditation? Are you blessing God by returning to his word and meditating on it day and night?

4.Praying Psalm 16:7

God, thank you for blessing me with your wise counsel. I can always trust in your word and depend on you. Help me to bless you also and continue to pray and meditate on you word that instructs me day and night. Amen     

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