April 23, 2022

Beginning next week, I will use a new format. Each day’s focus will be broken down into three main sections: Read, Study, and Meditate.

1.A portion or passage of Scripture to read.

2.A brief study through devotional format of that same passage or verse(s).

3.Invitation to meditate upon some part, concept, activity, or promise from God to meditate on throughout your day.

Reading the Bible can be quick and helps us cover material at a fast pace. When we follow Bible reading plans, we might be able to read our Bible from Genesis to Revelation in one, two, or three years depending on what plan we adopt. When we study our Bible, it is a slower process. We are led by the Holy Spirit to ask questions, seek answers, or reach for a clearer understanding, consider the circumstances, context, period, the people we see in the story, an activity of the Holy Trinity, gaining an appreciation of the broader picture in addition to covering ground. Studying the Bible helps us develop our theology and define our Biblical worldview.

When we meditate on something we have read in the Bible we are doing more than covering ground, more than investigating and understanding, but engaging in a give-and-take with the Lord; holding it close to our heart, listening on a deeper level, engaging in nonstop communication between God and ourselves, entering into a deeper level of intimacy which often leads to spiritual, emotional, relational, and behavioral transformation.         

The difference in all three approaches might be simply stated by saying: when we read the Bible, we are covering distance, when we study the Bible we are learning more about God’s plans and ways, and when we meditate on God’s Word we are inviting him into our personal space and being. Participating in all three approaches helps us enjoy a balanced and rewarding spiritual life and relationship with the Holy Trinity.  


Thank you for the cross Lord, thank you for the price you paid, because you gave your life, we are set free to live ours now and eternally. As we continue our journey on earth help us to grow in every way that pleases you and especially in our study of God’s Word. Amen    

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