April 12, 2022

In today’s 5-minute study we explore the topic of: Experiencing power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us. If you are able, read Acts 1:1-11

Key Verse:

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you. (Acts 1:8, ESV)

For Understanding:

Before Jesus ascended into heaven, he had important instructions and commands to share with those who would be instrumental in taking the Good News into the world and making disciples of every nation. There were things they were going to experience and endure that they would not be able to get through on their own, not without the Holy Spirit helping them. As he spoke with them, they had many questions and Jesus explained all that was important and relevant for that time.  Since he had talked to them on numerous occasions concerning the Holy Spirit, they were familiar with the third Person of the Trinity and had witnessed firsthand what living and ministering under the Spirit’s power meant and looked like. Because Jesus depended upon the power of the Holy Spirit for everything, including going to the Cross to die for the sin of the world, his counsel about the Spirit were impactful, welcomed, and reassuring.

For Self-Awareness, Encouragement, and Application:

Jesus’ instruction to the apostles can be as impactful, empowering, and reassuring for us today as it was then. As you study Acts 1:1-11 think of the occasions the Holy Spirit has come to aid you. The times you could not have gotten through something without him giving you the power to do so. His power is for witnessing to others, yes, but also for living out daily life; facing the tough things of life, enabling you to endure, overcome, and be victorious.

How has your personal encounters with the Holy Spirit made your testimony to others about Jesus and the Holy Spirit more impactful?   

Is there a particular time or situation that comes to mind where the Spirit filled you with power?

What do you need the Spirit’s power for presently? Have you asked Him to empower you?  

Prayer Starter:

Holy Spirit enter my situation and circumstances today, bringing your power for…

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