April 9 & 10

Study focus: Jesus Show us how to Settle Disputes…

If you are able read Luke 12: 13-21

Key Verse: Then one from the crowd said to him, “Teacher, tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me.” But he said to him, “Man, who made Me a judge or arbitrator over you?” (Luke 12:13-14 ESV)

A Closer Look:

The young man who approached Jesus wanted Jesus to settle a family dispute between himself and his older brother who must have been acting as the executor of their father’s estate. It seems this brother was wanting his older brother to do what seemed right which was to divide the estate fairly. However, Jesus surprised him by electing not to get in the middle. Instead, Jesus began to tell a parable about a foolish rich man who coveted his possessions and the dangers of storing up treasures on earth. We can only imagine how disappointed this young man must have been with the outcome. He had been expecting Jesus to set matters right—or should we say in his favor—and Jesus left the outcome to this young man by suggesting the man search his own heart and see if he valued earthly wealth or possessions more than he valued relationship with his brother.

Disputes over earthly wealth, possessions, and matter of inheritance can divide us, make us turn in on one another and forget our mutual love for each other.  Jesus was making a profound statement to all gathered before him that day. He turned the young man’s request into a teachable moment and valuable lesson about searching our heart to see what we value most in life.

For Examination, Encouragement and Application:

Have you ever been faced with a similar situation as this young man? If so, how was it handled and what was the outcome? Do you or others have any regrets?

When you search your own heart do you value anything more than you value God? (Earthly treasures, possessions, wealth…)

Jesus wanted to point out that our life could end at any time and whatever we have stored up on earth will stay on earth. Is it hard for you to let go of or share your money, earthly or material possessions?


Jesus may my heart stay pure on matters concerning possessions knowing I cannot take anything to heaven with me. May I always be willing to do what is right and fair, and even become generous, so I do not hold on to anything on earth too tightly. Amen                         

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