April 5, 2022

One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much. (Luke 16:10, ESV)

Is dependability one of your strong suits and characteristics?

On a scale of 1-10, in the area of dependability, how would you rate yourself? Of course, no one except Jesus could get a perfect score. We might have times where we are 100% dependable, but occasionally, even mostly we will fall short of being that 10 or 100%.

Dependability is the quality of being able to be counted on. It falls under the area of faithfulness. Dependable people are reliable, faithful, steady and trustworthy. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of being dependable is capable of being trusted or depended on: reliable. Some synonyms (comparable words) of dependable are: trustable, steady, responsible, trusty.

We can see how only Christ could measure up to these things 100% of the time. At best we might be them a lot or most of the time, but because we are human and life happens, we will have times where we fall short, and we will disappoint others and times those we depend upon will fall short and disappoint us. Unless our character is of a certain quality or dependability is one of our core values, the slope between being dependable and being unreliable is slippery.  

Because we are human, sinners in need of grace and understanding, grace and forgiveness are excellent companions when it comes to dependability. Practicing grace and forgiveness toward ourselves when we fall short, don’t show up as needed or expected is as important as extending it to others when they fall short and aren’t as dependable as we need them to be or as they normally are. We can commit to being this way because it’s how the Lord is towards us. as in anything, when we want to improve in the area of dependability the Lord will come alongside us and we can become new people, better mirroring our Lord Jesus in this area. Let’s Pray,

Father bless me to be known as someone who is dependable. Amen    

For reflection and soul-examination:

What did you score in this area? Are there people in your life you can depend upon, and they usually come through? Are there people you need to depend upon, and they repeatedly disappoint you or fall short? Is dependability something you would like to do better in? if so, what will your first step be toward that goal? How will you incorporate today’s message into your plan of self, soul and other-care?         

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