April 4, 2022

Will it make a difference today knowing God promises to be the “Shade on your right hand?”

The LORD is your shade on your right hand. (Psalm 121:5, ESV)

While taking walks or bicycling with my husband over the years there is one habit he’s always had, he has always positioned himself on the busiest side of the road or street or gone in front of me when something ahead looked suspicious or risky. Because he has done this, I have never felt uncovered or unprotected, able to participate in our activity with a sense of assurance, confidence, and peace.

This is what God did and continues to be with us to this day. David described God’s position as being the shade on their right hand as they journeyed to Jerusalem on their way to the temple.

Psalm 121 is a song of ascents. One of the songs the Israelites sang while on their way. Because they traveled through dangerous territory it was important to remember and be assured of God’s presence with them. When they sang God was ”the shade on their right hand” it was an empowering reminder, a sure way to encourage themselves that God had positioned himself as their Supreme protector, guard and guide.

The impact of remembering God’s mighty promise of position in our lives can be just as powerful today. When we operate under this promise we will experience a new level of confidence and peace in our day-to-day activities and life. Whether we are leaving our home for a short run, headed to work, going to church, or even with the thought of living this life on our way home to heaven. We can be encouraged through the promise that God’s position is not only permanent but a deterrent to enemy activity. Because he is the “shade on our right hand we are protected, covered, guarded fully and powerfully. Let’s Pray,

Faithful and Mighty God, thank you for being the shade on our right hand. This promise has accompanied and strengthened your people since the beginning of time and to this day we are able to perform our daily tasks and live out our life free of fear, worry, dread, or apprehension. Amen

Consider how you will incorporate today’s message into your plan of self and soul-care?

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