March 17, 2022

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. (Proverbs 3:5, NLT)
It’s totally possible to have faith—even a strong, enduring faith in the Lord—but still be lacking in trust for him. We speak of faith and refer to having faith also believing that if we are people of faith that trust is automatic. Yet, the Bible teaches us that faith is believing in, but trusting is believing for. Trust does not come automatically, but must be nurtured and cultivated through relationship with God and by remembering, and learning more about God’s character and promises.
Faith says we believe in the existence of God, in the power and presence of God, in God’s ability to do all things; but we may not have complete trust that he will show forth his power for us. We can believe Jesus died to set the world free but it doesn’t mean we trust it’s efficacious for us individually. The Holy Spirit is at work in each of us—those who already have faith—to work trust also. It’s easy to place our faith in God; but hard to put our trust in him. When we trust in God with all our heart there is not room for anything else. There is no room for doubt. Like any relationship, trust is built over time, by a person’s consistency in character, nature and actions. It’s the same way with God, that’s why he promises to be the same yesterday, today, and always.
Trusting God completely means it will be easier to wait on him until he has worked something out without panicking. It will be easier to be at peace when our life looks like one big mess; knowing without doubt he is going to help us straighten it out. Trust in God makes it easier to stay quiet and let him defend us, even when people are speaking poorly, maligning us, sullying our good name and reputation. Trust makes it easier to take the first step toward a dream or heart’s longing; arranging matters, setting appointments, etc and not needing to see God make the first move before we go ahead. Trust make it easier to pack that first box when you need to move but don’t see how it’s going to make it happen. Trusting God makes it easier to study up on the position or job you want and have applied for. Trust makes it easier to say “yes” to God even when you feel ill-equipped to do the thing he is asking or leading you to do.
God loves us and has wonderful plans for us that is one reason why he will patiently help us build our trust as we live out our faith. Let’s Pray,
Father, it is not misplaced to pray for perfect faith and deeper trust. We can have one but we need both. May our faith in you never be shaken and our trust increased and deepened so we can trust you with all our heart. Amen
Questions for Examination and Reflection:
Do you have both trust and faith in God? Are they both strong and enduring?
How will you incorporate today’s message into your plan of self and soul-care?

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