February 22, 2022

Regarding Handling of Anger

If you are angry do not let it become sin. Get over your anger before the day is finished. (Ephesians 4:26, NCV)

Paul’s instruction in Ephesians about dealing with anger is good to adopt. First, just because we are angry does not mean it needs to go to the next level or lead to sin. Anger in and of itself is not sinful—sometimes anger is a healthy reaction to something that is wrong—it’s how we handle anger and what it leads to that’s the issue. The devil is always looking for ways to enter in and take control of a situation, take control of our thoughts, our heart, our actions. Left up to him we would act on our anger in unhealthy, destructive, and sinful ways. The word of God instructs us otherwise. It’s possible to be angry and sin.

How do we keep from sinning when we are angry? Just like in the Gospels when Jesus taught on anger, Paul says we should resolve conflict as quickly as possible and that goes for anger as well. Paul says don’t let our anger fester or simmer because the longer we stew over the matter, nurture our anger, the more we will be tempted to do something that may cause further damage to our relationship(s), cause us to (re)act in ways that make matters much worse, cause us to let our heart become like concrete. Paul said it’s best if we don’t even go to bed with a heart fueled by anger because the devil is at work even when we are at sleep and takes the opportunity to plant thoughts in our head that work for detriment instead of for good.

We don’t have to hide our emotions—and that includes anger—from the Lord. We should confess our anger to him if it is something we are having a hard time releasing and he will help us let it go, get over it because he does not want to see matters escalate or get out of control. When anger is not healthy or just then it is a danger and has potential to lead us into sin in that case it should not be nurtured but banished. Let’s Pray,

Lord, watch over my heart, my mind, and my emotions. When anger does not serve me or others for good and does not glorify you help me to get rid of it right away, in that way I am not playing into the devil’s hands. Amen

Reflective Questions for Self and Soul-Tending:

Are you good at doing what Paul instructs here about anger? Have any anger you are nurturing? What will you do next?

How will you incorporate today’s message into your plan of self and soul-care?

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