February 10,2022

Regarding The Key to Success…

A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great. (Proverbs 18:16

Consider what a powerful statement and promise from God this is.

God gives gifts and talents to every person. Through this proverb he promises whatever gift or talent you possess he will secure a place for you in this world. God will make sure of this. When you use your gift or talent you will not be unfulfilled, frustrated nor discouraged in your work. You will not be someone who shows up at work, Monday through Friday, draws a paycheck to pay their bills, but is miserable in their work. Every job or career comes with challenges and parts they could do without, but when you work based upon your gifts or talents  you will experience fulfillment of your vision and desires and you will be happy and content in the work you do. Whenever we hear someone say they love their job so much they would do it for free, it means they are working in the area of their giftedness or natural talents and abilities.    

While we attribute success based upon our level of education, God says differently. He says our level of success depends upon our knowing and using our gifts and talents. There are many who are well educated but not experiencing success nor fulfillment. Receiving a proper education is important of course, especially if you know you have something like gifts of healing because you cannot just declare yourself a surgeon, hang out a shingle and start cutting on people. But as a trained surgeon, properly educated and licensed you will experience success and fulfillment in that field and you will be a blessing to others. God does not say you should not become well educated, but that your success depends upon operating in your gift and or talent because this is how he blesses and fulfills his promise to you.

If you are looking for purpose, fulfillment, real satisfaction, and contentment, then identifying and using your spiritual gift or natural talent as your foundation and platform is tantamount. People succeed at what they do and love best not because it is something that lead them to earthly riches, but because they choose the path God set them on as he revealed their gifts and talents to them. If you are looking for a career path, go with your gift or talent and there will not only be a place for you in this world, but you will have success and satisfaction. Let’s Pray,

God, you know the path we are to take in life. You have given each of us special talents and spiritual gifts. Help us to know our giftedness and recognize our talents and then work in those areas. Thank you for the promise to make a place for us in  this world and that we will certainly experience success when we follow your plan. Amen

Reflective Questions for Self and Soul-Tending:

Are you happy in your work? Are you working in the area of your spiritual giftedness or natural talents? Are you always doing things to further cultivate and become knowledgeable about your gifts and talents?

How will you incorporate today’s message into your plan of self and soul-care?                    

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