February 10,2022

Regarding Admitting our Wrongs to Others…

Confess your faults one to another, and pray for one another, that ye may be healed. (James 5:16, KJB)

It’s been said that it takes a big person to admit when they are wrong. I don’t know about that, but I do know it takes someone determining and wanting to live authentically. We don’t like to admit when we are/were wrong; especially because we most like being right and seen as near perfect as humanly possible. Admitting our wrongs doesn’t feel good, is uncomfortable and makes us feel vulnerable.

Sometimes our admittance will be met with sympathy, compassion, and understanding—which is a welcomed relief—and at other times it is met with anger, gloating, and being rejected. Some people love to rub our faces in our mistakes or wrongness; take pleasure in our needing their forgiveness or compassion.

When we admit we are wrong about something (or someone) we are also admitting and acknowledging we are human, prone to human frailties and have need just like everyone for grace, mercy, patience, forgiveness, and understanding. Admitting when we are wrong teaches us we are not perfect and humbles us in ways nothing else can.

In this life we will all be wrong about something at some point. We will not and cannot always be right but even so we should not dread admitting we were wrong, and we don’t have to let an anticipated negative response from others keep us from being humble, vulnerable, or truthful. An encouraging thing to remember is even if we do not experience grace from others we can always know Jesus is standing with us during those times, holding our hand, encouraging us to be vulnerable, to not be afraid to own up to our mistakes or misjudgments. People may be hard on us, unforgiving, or judgmental, but Jesus never will and will work to bring healing to our bruised ego and disappointment in ourselves and others. Let’s Pray

Dear Lord, thank you for accompanying us whenever we need to admit our wrongs. Thanks for knowing we’re only human and for helping us to know it as well. Amen

Reflective Questions for Self and Soul-Tending:

When have you had to admit you were wrong about something or someone? Was it hard to do? Did you grow or learn something from it?

How will you incorporate today’s message into your plan of self and soul care?

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