February 3, 2022

Regarding Dwelling and Rest

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. (Psalm 91:1-2, NIV)

Yesterday, February second was Ground Hog Day. Each state has a way of celebrating and observing that one day each year when we are waiting for that little ground hog to come out of hibernation to see if it sees its shadow which will indicate whether we have six more weeks of winter to endure or not. Personally, I have always wondered why we put so much emphasis on this because like it or not we will definitely see six more weeks of winter. In fact, in some areas of the country we are going to see considerably more than six weeks of winter stretching beyond February second.  

A lot of hype about the shadow of a little animal and we can enjoy it for what it’s worth. But there is a shadow we can play up big time, a shadow we can bask in, a shadow we can spend some time thinking about what it means for us. There is no better place to dwell, no better place to be than in the shadow of the Lord.

David wrote that those who dwell in the shelter of the MOST High will also rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Even the shadow of God provides needed rest from the storms of this life. A place we can rest while we regain our strength. A place we can rest to heal from inner and external wounds. A place we can rest while we regroup and figure life out. A place we can rest and get a better attitude, find inner peace and mental health, a place we can rest while the rest of the world is in chaos and unrest.    

I love how this verse is interpreted in the NIV translation: “whoever” dwells in the shelter of the MOST High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” That tells me it can be someone brand new in their faith or someone seasoned. It can be a little child or an older adult. It can be a man or woman, the obedient or the rebellious up to that very moment. It can be someone who is coming from another teaching and religion or someone who was raised in the same church they attend now. It can be a Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Non-Denominationalist, Lutheran, or Brethren, someone who has not stepped foot in church for fifty years; it can be anyone at all. God does not reject those who are willing to seek him and make him their shelter. No matter what, he will give them rest. Let’s Pray

Your shelter is heavenly, Lord, to rest in your shadow is just what we need. Thank you for providing both shadow and rest for weary sojourners. Amen   

Reflective Questions for Self and Soul-Tending:

Could you use a mental, emotional, spiritual rest? Have you sought the Lord Almighty who promises rest to those who dwell in his shelter?

How will you incorporate today’s message into your plan of self and soul-care?            

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