February 1, 2022

Regarding God’s Love Languages…

And you shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ This is the first commandment. (Mark 12:30, NKJV)

Are you familiar with the bestseller “The Five Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman? Since it was first published in the 90’s it has sold over a million copies (and counting) and the series now includes love languages for husbands, couples, children, and teens and has now expanded to include flash cards and journals. You might have read it or participated in a Bible Study where that was the topic. Perhaps it helped you identify the love languages of your spouse, children, teen, or even your own.

Our “love language” can tell a lot about us and how we are emotionally “bent”. It can help us learn how to love others better, based upon their love language. Some people know they are loved when we give them tangible or material gifts, some by money, some by heartfelt expressions (words) declaring their love, some when we assist them, and others by spending time with them, and some people are all the languages rolled into one. It might take some time, simple observation, and character study to discover the love language of those we care most about, but it’s worth the time and effort, we will be blessed as we bless them.   

God has a love language too. His love language is not complicated nor a mystery, we don’t even have to read the entire Bible to know what his love language is. Jesus revealed the Father’s love language to his followers so they would know how easy it is to love God. He told them they should love God with their whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. They did not need to do anything over the top or outrageous to prove or show their love for God. He didn’t need them to make big sacrifices, jump into fires, be bitten by snakes, or starve themselves to death. He is very easy to please.

God is not impressed by material things, how much money we put into the offering plate, flowery words do not move him and he does not need us to shower him with gifts or make promises and take oaths, but his heart is touched and when we simply love him with our entire being, sincerely. That means we can love God in his own language whether we are rich or poor, young, or old, male, female, sick or healthy, strong or weak, married or single, speak five languages, only one, or none at all. Let’s Pray,

Father, thank you for making it so easy—easy for sinners such as ourselves—to love you! Amen

Reflective Questions for Self and Soul-Tending:

Are you striving to love God in his love language?

How will you incorporate today’s message into your plan of self and soul-care?

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