January 3, 2022

You Will Have Trouble in 2022!

In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. (John 16:33, NIV)

Let’s get this established right away, at the beginning of this new year. In this year you will have trouble. You and I will have troubles to face, troubles to overcome, troubles that perplex and unsettle us, troubles that challenge us, troubles that seem to have been waiting just for us to arrive at that place in time. Some will have trouble with their health, some with their finances, some in their marriage, some with their children, some in their job or job related, some in their academic pursuits, some in their relationships; wherever trouble can be found or created, there will be trouble.

Jesus made it a point to point out that we should never be surprised when troubles come or arise as though they are unexpected or out of the ordinary. We live in and are born into a fallen world and environment, where even the earth is groaning and awaiting the return of Christ. We are not only born into this sin condition and darkness, but are sinful beings; therefore, there will always be trouble brewing.

While the anticipation of trouble should be the norm, Jesus says something that is even more profound, worth noting and holding onto when trouble does arrive–actually before it comes—He promises he has already overcome trouble. No matter what kind of trouble makes its way to us, he has already overcome it. And because we know he has overcome it we don’t have to run, hide, or live in fear of the troubles that come, but seek him and learn of the answers he has for us, learn how to overcome our troubles with Jesus as our guide and strength. We can take heart—be glad of heart—have a heart of faith because he will help us and show us how he has overcome our trouble. Let’s Pray            

When troubles come, O Lord, may we not be afraid, but remember just as you said, in this life and world we will have troubles, but we can take heart, be glad of heart and have faith of heart, that you have overcome our troubles. Amen

When you think about the potential for trouble in your new year, does it help to remember Jesus’ promise of having overcome troubles you face?

How will you apply and incorporate this promise into your plan of soul-care?

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