January 1 and 2, 2022

A Prayer for the New Year

We too might walk in newness of life. (Romans 6:4, ESV)

Lord, it never grows old nor becomes a mere cliché to wish others “peace, joy, and love” for the coming year. To let others know we are wanting and even praying they experience something new, your good in their life, situation, or circumstances.

As we enter a new year help us to strive for the things that matter most. In our own lives and for others also. Help us to be better people, doing good things, reaching for the newness you put in place and make possible, embodying wholesome attitudes, and cherishing those things that matter most. May we do more than make “New Year’s” Resolutions but make our desired intentions concrete and sustainable.

And, Lord, as we begin our year in hopefulness and faith, may we live each day that way: full of hope, and continuing in faith, not in what we can do or accomplish by our own might or strength, but what you can do and accomplish in our lives and in this world, which is always bigger and mightier than our efforts.

God, you are our help in ages past and our help for the unknown days ahead. Because you continue this journey with us, we will not live in fear nor have dread in our heart but trust in your steadfast care and unchangeable love. Amen  

Prayerful Activity:

Take a moment while the year is still fresh to reflect on how God brought you through the year behind you and knowing he will be with you in this new year as well.     

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