December 31, 2021

This Far by Faith

Don’t let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the spiritual powers of this world, rather than from Christ. (Colossians 2:8, NLT)

You’ve come this far by faith. Don’t give up now! Don’t lose heart or start thinking like the world. Don’t start ascribing to vain and empty philosophies. Don’t stop looking to God to supply all your needs and Christ to save and deliver you. Don’t start acting like those who have no God and no faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Can you imagine someone in the middle of the ocean, whose boat capsizes, and they are left to swim? From where they are they cannot see shore, but they know it is ahead of them. So, they swim, days without end. Not stopping or losing heart. Their arms grow tired, they are weary, they want to give up, but they do not, not even on the worst or most difficult days. They keep pressing and swimming. Suddenly as the light of day comes, they see the shore. It cannot be more than a mile or two away! How foolish if they decide to stop swimming. If they determine they are too exhausted. If they become distracted by the clouds, the birds flying overhead, not even the sharks swimming close by! No, they keep swimming and with greater vigor because the shore is just ahead in their sight!

Paul says don’t let the world win you over now! Do not give in to the foolish things presented to you. Don’t be like those who forget who or what has brought them such a mighty long way but keep your faith intact. Swim with all your might; the shore is just ahead; the reward is greater than human heart and mind can imagine! You’ve come this far by faith so keep on going! Let’s Pray        

Lord, by your grace and your might I will not stop now I will continue my journey of faith, in faith! Amen

Reflective Questions for Soul-Tending:

Over the last 365 days and over your lifetime what has your faith in the Lord helped you to overcome and make it through?

How will you incorporate today’s message into your plan of soul-care?

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