December 25, 2021

A Prayer for Christmas

Christ, just like little children who never tire of hearing how Santa will come to leave their gifts under the tree, I never tire of hearing and revisiting the story of Christmas. Beginning with the angel Gabriel’s visit to the virgin Mary, informing her how God the Father had chosen her to be your mother. In her joy she sang the most beautiful song which is now known and recorded in Scripture as the Magnificat.

No matter how many times I read how you entered in, read, or hear how your earthly parents Mary and Joseph were turned away time and again, each time they knocked on a door to inquire about a room, yet there was no place for them in the busy town, so you were born in a stable, placed in a cattle trough, and wrapped in rags. How I read or listen with fascination when the angels appeared as a great heavenly host, announcing your birth to shepherds tending their flock by night and how those same shepherds made their way to you, to worship and adore you.

I pray, may the story of your birth, the way you came, the way your heavenly Father sent you to earth, the heavenly, angelic visits, the first ears that heard and heart’s prepared always amaze and delight me. May I never treat your birth as commonplace or feel whatever I have going on in my life or in this world is more important or pressing than pausing to take it all in again, being renewed each Christmas with fresh joy and thankfulness.

Christ, may I always adore you, always worship you, always thank you for coming; not just for the whole world, but for me, especially. Christmas Day will come and go, decorations will be placed back in the box, gifts used, and some returned, but may the wonder you have sown in my heart this Christmas season never dim and may I never grow weary of returning to this place each year, just to praise and glorify you. Amen

Prayerful Activity:

Whether at the beginning, the end or in the midst of your activities today, pause to reflect on how your life is blessed because Jesus came to earth just for you.   

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