December 24, 2021

Set the Bar High

He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High (Luke 1:32, ESV)

It’s a memory that stands out even today. Christmas morning. So much excitement. Finally, being called to gather at the Christmas tree where we would open gifts and see what Santa brought us. My expectations were high. The only thing I really wanted—more than anything—was a baby doll named Mrs. Beasley. She wasn’t fancy in comparison to today’s technology. She didn’t do anything spectacular. Still, each time I saw the commercial I knew I had to have one. As we opened each gift my heartbeat quickened. By the last gift still no Mrs. Beasley. She was nowhere to be found. In her place was a beautiful baby doll, smelling new and just waiting to be loved, but not Mrs. Beasley. I was heartbroken.

Series of events in life can leave us wanting, unfulfilled, dissatisfied, discouraged, disappointed, and distrusting. At some point we may stop setting our expectations so high and set the bar low; just in case our expectations are not met.

When God sent Jesus many had high expectations—as they should have—Jesus was everything recorded about him in the scrolls. He was those things and so much more. As the Scriptures and prophecies read, Jesus was and continues to be our Healer, Strong Deliverer, Strong Tower, Prince of Peace, Bridge over troubled water, Good Shepherd, Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting God, Immanuel, God with us, the Word become flesh to dwell among us. There is no expectation we can have of him that will end in disappointment.

Life will let us down, people will not always measure up to what we expect or hope for, but Jesus will never disappoint us. He is beyond anything our heart can desire or our mind conceive. Even if we have been disappointed in life, with, and by others, we are safe to set our expectations as high as they can go when it comes to Jesus, and he will not only meet, but exceed them. Let’s Pray

Jesus, it does not get better than you! You can never disappoint us. We are safe to set our expectations high and you will never let us down. We praise and glorify you for being who you are and coming into our life. Amen

Reflective Questions for Soul-Tending:

Have being disappointed in life and by others caused you to set the bar low when it comes to Jesus?

How will you apply or incorporate today’s message into your plan of soul-care?

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