December 17, 2021

From One Generation to Another

Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts; let them proclaim your power. (Psalm 145:4, NLT)

I baked a cake using the same recipe my mother used when I was a little girl. She got it from her mother, who must have gotten it from her mother. I’ve since given it to my children so they could make it for their own families. It’s nothing grand or elaborate but is very easy to make and even the most inexperienced bakers can have success with it.

When we pass something on or down to others, especially things that have been in our family for years, decades, maybe generations, it means they have a special place in our memories, our hearts, and lives. We value them and want others to enjoy and value them just as we have.

The writer of Psalm 145 reminds there is something else we can pass down in addition to the material things we treasure, our memories, or stories that have been with us for ages, we can pass us down those things we have learned to value which are spiritual in nature. Our faith in God does not need to die with us or stop with us but can go on to that next and the generations coming behind us. When we talk about the mighty and powerful things God does and has done in our lives we are passing down important information for the next generation to know and possess.  

I remember my mother’s cake or something my grandmother prepared as only she could, but what lingers most is the faith in God I saw modeled through godly women and people. Because they passed down the things that mattered most, not only is a part of them still with me today, but I am the person I am because of what was passed down to me. Let’s Pray

Thank you so much Lord for how easy it becomes to share you with others. Because you are so mighty and powerful and wonderful, we can praise you to a younger generation in such a natural way. Amen

Reflective Questions for soul-Tending:

Is it easy for you to share how mighty God is with those coming behind you?

How will you incorporate today’s message into your plan of soul-care?   

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