December 8, 2021

Treasure the Important Things

But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart. (Luke 2:19, ESV)

When you treasure something, you don’t throw it around, toss it to the side,  entrust it to everyone, treat it as unimportant, no, you put it in a special place. If you are a spouse, parent or, grandparent, if you have dear friends, you might be inclined to treasure your loved ones. If you have things that are valuable to you, and you treasure them you might take good care of them to assure their wellbeing. We can treasure people, we can even treasure things that we own. Whether it is people and relationships or material possessions we treat them with special care, we are careful not to mistreat them.

Treasuring is not worshiping it simply means you value it, keep careful watch over it, you acknowledge that it is important and important to you. Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus, received a prophetic word concerning her baby. Words that she could not entirely understand at the moment, so she treasured them up in her heart. For sure Simeon’s words would come back later and she would understand them. Just like Mary, we can treasure those messages we receive from God. Mary made a place for Simeon’s prophetic words in her heart and we can make a place for the Scriptures in our heart. Tuck them securely where we can retrieve them and meditate upon them when the time is right or when needed. Let’s Pray,

Like Mary, the mother of our Lord and Savior, we value the words and messages you share with us, God. May we always make a place in our heart to treasure them. Amen

Reflective Questions for Soul-Tending:

Do you have a store house of God’s Word treasured up in your heart?

How will you incorporate today’s message into your plan of soul-care?

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