November 20,2021

A Prayer for When You Need to Make Decisions

Without good advice everything goes wrong—it takes careful planning for things to go right. (Proverbs 15:22, CEV)

I have a plan, Lord. I have some thoughts about (name them) and I need to make some decisions in order to move forward or make my thoughts and take my plans from thought to implementation.

It is important for me to know how you feel, to know what you think about my plans, to know if what I want to do is in line with your will for my life and future. I’m determined not to not move forward without knowing with certainty you have approved the path I want to take, without assurance of your blessing in this matter.

Just as you told the prophet Jeremiah centuries ago, that you know the plans you had for his life; I believe the same is true concerning my own life. The scriptures teach that with godly counsel there is success, but without it we are sure to fail. I don’t want to fail, Lord, but to experience success. I realize I have made many decisions in the past without consulting you first. I ask for your forgiveness for leaving you out of my planning and for being prideful. I truly want to know your will in this matter and for the direction my life needs to go.

I realize just because something seems like a good or great idea to me (or even those I have spoken with) does not mean it is so. I desire to grow into the kind of person that looks to you for direction and wise counsel in every area of my life. I trust you to put me with wise people who can help me see every aspect of what I plan to do, so I can take the path and make a decision that pleases you. I know you will send your Holy Spirit to give me guidance and counsel so I will wait with eager expectation until I know in my heart the way to go. In Jesus’ name. Amen   

Prayerful Activity:

Consider: Are there Scriptures or stories in the Bible that help you know what God’s thoughts are similar to your area of concern? Is the decision you are wanting to make in line with God’s character? Is what you are wanting to do something that would serve God or others for good?        

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