November 15, 2021

Jesus is a Wonderful Counselor!

And he will be called Wonderful Counselor. (Isaiah 9:6, ESV)

It’s been said you don’t have to be having problems or experiencing mental distress or emotional imbalance to seek or receive professional counseling. Every person, young, old, male, female, from every and all walks of life could benefit from some form of therapy or counseling if not regularly, at least occasionally during their lifetime. If nothing more than to just have a guided, unguarded, unbiased conversation or to make some space in our brain, hear a refreshing word, and help us gain a new perspective on life.

We all know or have known some “wonderful” people, perhaps even some wonderful counselors. Those who meet the criteria of what wonderful is; “Inspiring, extremely good, marvelous, admirable, superb, first-rate, amazing,” There are a whole slew of synonyms we can fill in here. The best, most amazing, awesome counselor is one who has a way of inspiring us, revealing, listening attentively, and guiding us. I can remember having the privilege of sitting with a counselor in my young adult years. Dr. King was an excellent counselor. He had a beautiful disposition and warm personality. He would eat hostess apple pies while I talked, and many times would sit with his feet propped up on a hassock. He was a good listener, gave awesome guidance and was very helpful to me. Isaiah said Jesus would not only be called Counselor, but Wonderful Counselor. Because Jesus is our Wonderful, Excellent Heaven-sent Counselor we have no need to fear, be hesitant, or ashamed to seek counsel.   

Jesus comes to counsel us in this life; to give us amazing, awesome, spot-on, first-rate, wonderful, excellent counsel. He comes to be our Chief Counselor, listening, directing us and providing that much needed insight and guidance. We might start a prayer in just that way, asking him for his guidance and wisdom. He will never fail us nor withhold his divine, wonderful counsel from us. Let’s Pray

You are truly our Wonderful Counselor, Lord! There is none better than you. We pray, when we have need for counsel in this life provide that individual who is not only skilled but filled with and guided by Your Holy Spirit. Then, we will be in the best counsel possible. Amen

Reflective Questions for Soul-Tending:        

Are you encouraged through today’s message and more comfortable to seek counsel for your life circumstances?

How will you affirm this powerful promise over your life and for soul-care?

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