November 13, 2021

A Prayer for a Fresh Perspective

Joy will come in the morning light. (Psalm 30:5, ESV)

Lord, I’ve noticed how a good night’s sleep can make all the difference when it comes to the way we view our problems or challenges. In the heat of the moment, in the deep darkness of our storm or night, or the thick of things, the situation may not look too good or promising at all, but after getting some rest things don’t seem or appear that bad after all. We can see light at the end of our tunnels and feel hopeful in our spirit.

The “joy” the psalmist speaks of here can be examined in many ways, Lord. Certainly, there is joy ahead of us and in our future when we listen to wise counsel or just take things a little slower so we can process things differently. There is joy after we have struggled with something for a while and finally there is that needed breakthrough, joy when we get that new and much needed broader perspective, and certainly joy when you enter into our situation, mind and heart. Joy that breaks through like the morning light, shedding light and bringing hope.

May we, Lord always be blessed with that “morning light” and enlightenment that comes from heaven. It is your blessed gift to us. May we never lose our divine connection with you so we can experience your morning joy as many times as needed on this journey. Amen

Prayerful Activity:

Sleep on your problem or challenge. Reflect on the numerous Psalms that give hope and promise of joy. Get some rest or fresh counsel before making any final decisions. Settle in your heart and mind not to make any firm decisions about a difficult matter until you feel that heavenly or divine refreshment joy or peace.         

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