October 16,2021

You Are Healed!

Many followed him and he healed them all. (Matthew 12:15, NIV)

If you are not feeling well, experiencing health issues, have been diagnosed with a sickness or disease, have suffered with pain longer than you can remember, have a cabinet lined with prescription or over-the-counter meds, then this promise of God could sound like a contradiction to what you feel like, what your life is like, or you might be wondering why Jesus passed you by when he stopped by your village for healing. But this promise is not only true, it is powerful and real. Each one of us are healed even if we do not feel it presently and our healing has not manifested in a way it has made a difference in our daily experience.

In over forty years of preaching, I have heard my husband preach a lot of home-going services. There is a line in nearly every message, as he is closing his remarks to the family and friends gathered, that goes something like this,  “brother/sister so and so was healed by God many times throughout their life. They have been healed of colds, flu’s, sicknesses, diseases, cuts, bruises, broken bones and each one of them God deigned to heal, but that healing is only temporary. This is one where the Lord said he would not heal on earth but grant permanent healing and brought them home to heaven where he/she received their permanent healing.”

That part always makes me think of the many times God heals us and we don’t think too much about it but maybe give credit to medical science, over the counter meds, time, or other methods; but all healing comes from only one source: God alone.  No matter what is listed on our medical chart, if we are still alive, we are operating in God’s temporary healing, healed for the time being. We may not feel the greatest—even Lazarus may not have felt great every day once Jesus raised him from the grave—he may have come down with a cold, had aches and pains—but still he was healed; he as alive and under the care of Almighty God.

To whatever degree we know we are healed God wants us to live as healed, whole people. Living every day to its fullest, living from our healed place as much as we can. Let’s Pray,

Jesus, we don’t always feel healed of our conditions or ailments, but the word and promise issued from your very own mouth say that we are. Help us to live in this truth, looking forward to the day we will no longer be subject to earthly ailments and conditions of the body but I the meantime, clinging to your word and promises. Amen

Reflections and Questions for Soul-Tending:

What does today‘s message bring to mind? How can incorporate it into your plan of soul and self-care?     

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