October 12, 2021

Jesus Comes to Live with You!

Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust him. (Ephesians 3:17, NLT)

Jesus often visited with his friends Martha, Mary, and Lazarus in Bethany, but he did not live with them. He lived with his disciples. They traveled everywhere together, ate meals together, had many conversations together. Because he was with them all the time, they were able to see, listen, observe, and have a unique insight others may not have enjoyed at the time.   

It’s one thing to visit someone. During a visit you may do special things, be treated specially, enjoy things that may not be part of the normal routine. A visit should be just long enough to enjoy one another but short enough that we don’t get on one another’s nerves or in one another’s way. When we visit with people, we usually experience their best side—so to speak—but living with them is a different story. When we live with someone, we get to experience it all, learn how they are in everyday life. Special treatment is gone, instead there is fullness of everything: attitude, thinking and approach to life, routines, sleeping patterns, are they early risers or late sleepers? Are they fussy or have a peaceful spirit? What foods do they like; what are their habits and tastes? Are they neat or not so much? Are they rigid in their approach to life or more casual? Do we like the same TV shows, music? Over time we can find a good rhythm and make necessary allowances so we can get along together in the same space. It takes time and patience and lots of compromise. While we may enjoy visiting with many, we may not necessarily want to live with them full time. It’s amazing that Jesus chooses to live with us.

It’s significant and worth noting that Jesus does not only come to visit with us, but he comes to live with us, to dwell with us in the same space we occupy. Our home is his home also. When we invite him into our heart we also open and invite him to live in our space. He may be unseen in the physical sense, but he is present all the same. Is it a pleasant place and welcoming for him to dwell? Is he the one needing to make all the concessions or are we considering his likes and dislikes, his way of doing things? We should not mistake his graciousness for approval, nor his silence for agreement. Let’s Pray,

What an honor to have you in our homes, Lord. You are not just our guest but our companion. Amen

Reflection and Questions for Soul-Tending:

What does being reminded that Jesus lives in your home with you cause you to rethink or do differently?

How will you incorporate today’s message into your plan of Soul Care?

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