October 9, 2021

Hallelujah! No Favoritism

For God does not show favoritism. (Romans 2:11, NIV)

Most, if not all of us have those favorite pieces of clothing or outfits in our closet that we favor over others. Maybe it’s the way they fit, the feel of the fabric against our skin, the color, the price we paid, or how they make us feel when we put them on. Clothes aren’t the only thing we favor. We might have favorite places to shop, do our banking, favorite places to dine, even favorite people we like being around more than others.

Favoring things, people, places, clothing is not uncommon but very common and acceptable. We understand that, but what we may not be able to grasp are struggle with is learning God has no favorites. He shows no favoritism or partiality. That means he does not favor one group of people over another, one country over another, not even one denomination over others. Because he shows no favoritism each one receives his grace and mercy. He does not neglect any or pour out more blessings upon one over another. God is perfect generous, equally loving, forgiving, providing, caring and compassionate. Because he does not favor any one person over another, we all get to be his favorite. That does not make us common in any way but it does assure we will never receive lesser or be forgotten. As Paul writes, God judges all by the Law and saves all by the Gospel. Let’s Pray,

We have become so used to things being granted or extended to us based upon favor but you show us Lord, that you do not do things this way. Thank you for not showing favoritism or partiality but all people are your creation and you not only love us equally but save us equally. Amen

Reflections and Questions for Soul-Tending:

Does God’s absence of partiality bring peace of mind?

How will you incorporate today’s message into your plan of soul-care?                

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