October 8, 2021

It’s a Good Fit!

“he makes the whole body fit together perfectly. (Ephesians 4:16,  ESV)

I love jigsaw puzzles and have discovered a method that helps me put them together efficiently and without the need to spend more time than necessary figuring where the pieces go. First, I identify and separate all the pieces with straight edges because these are also the outer frame of the puzzle. Then I build or construct the frame of the puzzle. This one step eliminates a lot of work and frustration. After the frame is constructed, the inside is so much easier to put together and the remainder of the puzzle comes together with greater ease.

It’s not that easy to find a (new) church home but sometimes it’s necessary for many reasons. Sadly, during the Pandemic many churches have been forced to close. To find that place that’s just right for us, that meets not only our spiritual, but relational needs and has that “just right” feel to it. We cannot force the process but need to let it happen (super)naturally where the Holy Spirit is our guide and revealer. Some key questions to ask ourselves might be: Is this the place God is leading me to or does it satisfy my flesh? Am I choosing it because I like only one part of it? Do I remain in it because I grew up here? Is it the place God has led me to in order that I can share and use the gifts and talents he has given me and wants me to serve alongside others to help to build up the kingdom of God on earth? When we are willing to search ourselves, examine our motives and talk it out with the Lord we will experience that natural fit.  

The Holy Spirit builds the Lord’s Church through the gifts of his servants, and he continues to direct us in the matters of church homes or otherwise based upon the need and mission of the Church.

Dear God, through the Holy Spirit you have a way of making sure the earthly Church—which belongs to your Son Jesus, has all the gifts necessary for spreading the Gospel to others. Bless our faith communities and bless the people who comprise them to be in the right place and share what the Holy Spirit has given them. Amen

Questions for Soul-Tending:

Are you using the gifts the Holy Spirit has given you to their fullest where you are?

How will you incorporate this message into your plan of soul-care?

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