October 5, 2021

Beautiful You!

He has made everything beautiful. (Ecclesiastes 3:11, ESV)

Have you heard that saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” It’s meaning is simply that beauty cannot be judged objectively, because what one finds beautiful or admirable may not appeal or seem beautiful to another. Without a doubt there is a highly subjective response to beauty that changes or differs from one person to another. We have musical preferences, artistic preferences, color preferences, entertainment preferences, preferences in attire, even preferences of makes and models of automobiles. You name it, if it exists in multiples, we have different tastes and what appeals to one may not appeal to another.

If you have children or grandchildren, you may know the feeling or thought that none are more beautiful, smarter, greater than your own precious ones. You look at them through the eyes of pure love and no matter what they look like, to you they are absolutely beautiful, marvelous, lovely to behold. In this way we can understand how God, our Father and Creator looks upon us. from first man until now, he sees us, his own creation, as beautiful. Each one of us made for the time we live in and the purposes he created us for.

Throughout my home there is beautiful artwork depicting many scenes, but none are as beautiful or lovely as those that have been scribbled by the hand of my grandchildren. All they have to do is put a colorful line or circle on the paper and present it to me and it is frame-able; it deserves a spot on the wall. We are blessed to have a Father who beholds us in such a way that nothing could change his view of us. Not our disfigurements from lives lived in the hardest way, not our inner our outer wounds or bruises or scratches. Broken bones nor hearts changes his view of us. Let’s Pray,      

All things have been made beautiful by you our God and Creator and as you look upon us you see us in this light. You do not view us subjectively as the world might, not even as our own eyes might, but through your loving eyes. Thank you for peeling back the outer layers and seeing straight to the heart, straight to the soul. We’re comforted to know that you can identify a beautiful soul and heart when you see one. Amen

Thoughts for Reflection and Soul-Tending:

What do you think or feel being reminded that God sees you as his beautiful creation?

How can these words minister to your soul and be incorporated into your plan of soul-care?       

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