September 28, 2021

Speak Comfort

Speak comfort to Jerusalem. (Isaiah 40:1, NKJV)

In over 40 years of hearing my husband preach on many subjects I have never grown tired of hearing his messages to the families who were laying their loved ones to rest. He has a knack of comforting the living and brokenhearted with the Word and promises of God and eternal life.

Not everyone can speak words of comfort to others. For some it comes naturally and for others they may have to work at it a little harder. But for God, it is neither effort nor does he ever miss the mark. He knows how to speak comfort to his children. From Genesis to Revelation, we can find so many passages that comfort our hearts in our time of need. Whether we are stressed or nearing distress, anxious of feeling worried, grieving some kind of loss, or concerned about a situation beyond our control. Whatever our need God’s word can comfort us.

We also have been given the task of speaking comfort to others; those who have a need to hear a special word of comfort. Even if we do not feel comforting others comes naturally, or that that particular gene skipped over us, we have the responsibility of cultivating that skill within us, so we are fulfilling the ministry of comfort God has assigned to us. Every day someone needs to hear a comforting word or message. Someone in this great big world and in your little world needs a word of comfort only you can give them. Let’s Pray,

Dear Jesus, you are our comfort in every need or situation. Help us to comfort others, to “speak a word of comfort” to those in need. Amen

Questions for Soul-Tending

Do you know where to go in the Bible to find words of comfort to share with others, or even yourself in their, and your time of need?

How can you incorporate today’s message into our plan of soul-care?     

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