September 15, 2021

Little Compromises

Live in harmony with one another. (Romans 12:16, NLT)

Whether it is in business, ministry or family life one element that makes things go more smoothly be successful is the ability to compromise. The definition of compromise is, “an ability to listen to two sides and devise a compromise acceptable to both.” When you think about it the best and strongest relationships, marriages and partnerships have mastered the art of compromise. When there is more than just ourselves weighing in we will never get 100% of what we want or would like to see or have. We could argue back and forth. Pout to get our way. Run roughshod over the other person or people. Ignore the needs or wishes of everyone else. But all of these will not make for a good outcome. Someone will be angry, slighted, feel unimportant or devalued, or determine to pull out of the deal or relationship altogether. What is needed and will work best is agreeing to compromise. The Holy Spirit is an excellent mediator in these times because he does not hold bias or show favoritism.

The apostle Paul wrote under that inspiration of the Holy Spirit, that people should learn to get along together. This kind of harmony and peace is not achieved by people insisting on their own way, being a bully, bullheaded, or ignoring the thought or views of others. In fact James wrote that that is one reason arguments come into play. But the person who is truly of Christ will remember it is also their Christian responsibility to learn to compromise when a reasonable compromise can be reached. The road to compromise may be filled with many barriers but with much prayerfulness, humility and willingness we can achieve it. Let’s Pray

Dear God, This is one area we need constant reminding and your help with. Thank you for reminding us that the end of compromise is peace and leasing you. Amen

Questions for Soul-Tending:
Is this a difficult area or skill for you? If so, what will you do to become better at compromising in order to achieve peace?
How will you incorporate today’s message into your plan of soul-care?

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