September 14, 2021

God Speaks to your Conscience

And the Spirit of God hovered—Genesis 1:1, ESV

The Holy Spirit has been described as the “Hound of Heaven.” Not in a derogatory sense, as someone who hounds you in a harsh way, or constantly berates you, but lovingly stays on you. To describe him as the “Hound of Heaven” is an endearing term. English poet Francis Thompson wrote a beautiful poem about the Holy Spirit in the 1800’s that praise his beautiful qualities and presence with us.

The Spirit of God comes, not to nag us in an irritating way, but as our loving Friend, reminding us, warning us, and pleading with us concerning the things we already know which are right when we are calculating doing what is wrong. He will not let us rest until we have discontinued our activity, backed away from our plans and had a change of heart.

What a loving Father we must have to send his own breath and voice to us in such an intimate way. Some people have driven him away by silencing him over and over, until they do not hear from him at all. To them this must seem like a heavenly release but in fact it is leading them closer to a hellish outcome. It may seem like freedom to them at the time, because they can do whatever they desire without interference but there will be hell to pay later on; something will be lost to them, be it God’s blessing, peace of mind, or consequences they cannot even imagine.

On the other hand when we hear the voice of God speaking to our inner being  and then heed what he is saying to us there is not only inner peace, peace of mind, but the peace of knowing we have not rejected our Lord’s voice, but embraced him fully and will also enjoy that blessing of a peaceful relationship with him now and eternally. Let’s Pray,

Dear God, thank you for sending our Friend the Holy Spirit to be that loving, caring, Hound of Heaven. Because he stays in our ear and on our conscience, we are both saved from harm and from fatal and regretful outcomes. Amen

Questions for soul-Tending:

Are you resisting or welcoming the “Hound of Heaven”?

How will you incorporate todays message into your plan of soul-care?    

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