Septermber 8, 2021

Heaven, Not Hell

In those days Hezekiah became sick and was at the point of death.(Isaiah 38:1)
King Hezekiah was in the prime of life and he was sure his life had come to an end. There was no earthly cure for what he suffered from and resolved himself—not only that death was imminent—but he was headed for Sheol. Sheol was not another name for heaven and eternal light in those days, but the opposite; Sheol was the place of darkness where the dead went, what later became known as Hades. Hezekiah felt death and hell were his certain destination but God had other plans. God sent the prophet Isaiah to Hezekiah, and, long story short God granted Hezekiah another 15 years of life. God not only heard the prayers of the king but let him know that not one of his tears or prayers had gone unnoticed. God promised to deliver him from sickness, death and also from his enemy the king of Assyria.

God is still our delivering God. We all desire and ray for those coveted long years but sometimes we don’t get those additional years like king Hezekiah did, however one thing is for sure, God still comforts the dying and reassures us concerning our eternal destiny. When we are sick, suffering, and death seems to be where we are headed because there are no earthly cures for what we have, those who belong to the Lord need not fear their end nor going to Sheol or Hades. Through Jesus’ work on the cross heaven is secured for us and we can be confident our destination is in the One we have put our faith during our life. Let’s Pray,

Dear God, at times these bodies can weaken, get sick and we don’t know whether we will enjoy the long life we hoped for. Thank you that we do not have to be like king Hezekiah, worrying about where we will go. Thank you for sending Jesus and for securing our eternal destiny through his unselfish work of love on the cross. Amen

Questions for Soul-Tending
While we all want a long life and guarantee of good health, sometimes we are faced with sickness, even incurable disease. How can we avoid worry about our eternal destiny?
Even in good health is your faith placed in the right One?
How will you incorporate today’s focus into your plan of soul-care?

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