September 7, 2021

He is a Real Person

The Word became human and made his home among us. (John 1:14, NLT)

When you think about Jesus how do you envision him? As a mysterious presence out there winding through the heavens and universe? As a spiritual force? As that invisible presence that shows up in supernatural ways? As that little baby in the manger, the one we see pictured on cards or made into glass figurines at Christmas time? As the Man hanging and dying on the cross on Good Friday? As that person who lived a long time ago, performing miracles, healing, and feeding thousands of people with nothing more than a few fish and small loaves of bread? Well, all of these describe Jesus, but he was also so much more than these images or thoughts we have locked in our mind. Jesus was a human people touched and talked to. He was a human being who had real feelings, thoughts, and emotions. A real person who listened, laughed, enjoyed friendships, grieved, became hungry and needed to catch a nap every once and a while. He was relatable and real. Sometimes we make Jesus out to be so spiritual that we find it difficult to connect with him as a real Person who had a real-life experience as we have. We forget he was flesh and blood like we are. Yes, he helped and ministered to people through supernatural powers but also through his kind words and compassionate attitude. When we do not recognize him as a person it’s hard to believe he comes to us today or can relate to our experiences on earth, right now in our life and circumstances. It does not matter that we cannot see him in the flesh but just know that he is with us and is real. He still has ears, has feelings and emotions, has thoughts he wants to share with us. He still enjoys human friendships and a good laugh. The Word became flesh and although he rose from the grave and ascended into heaven he still makes his home among us. We must receive the Person and realness of Jesus before we can worship him in Spirit and fully. Let’s Pray  

Dear God, when we get past this barrier in our mind that keeps us from connecting with Jesus as a real Person we will be able to worship our Lord and Savior in the fullness you intend. Help us to accept Jesus, your Son as flesh and blood so we can accept him as Spirit, making his home with us now. Amen

Questions for Soul-Tending

Do you connect with and relate to Jesus as a real Person?

Can you approach the gospels and learn about Jesus’ life not from a spiritual enigma but a real Person?       

How can you incorporate todays message into your plan of soul-care?  

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