September 6, 2021

Such a Courteous Human Being

Be…courteous to everyone. (Titus 3:2, TPT)

Jesus was a perfect example to follow in this way which Paul instructs Titus. He shows us how to live, talk, and treat others. It did not matter who it was—even his enemies and greatest nemesis—Jesus was never less than considerate, humble, or courteous. To be courteous means to be “polite, respectful or considerate in manner.” Courteous behavior is marked by polished manner, gallantry. Its more than just holding the door for someone or letting someone go ahead of you in the line or assisting an elderly person, it is purveyed in our speech, tone, and attitude. People don’t have to be deserving to receive the best of us, they experience it because of the Jesus in us.  

Sometimes we are tempted to treat others based upon our mood, our feelings toward them, how they treat or talk to us, or their ranking and position: if they treat us rudely or disrespectfully then we might be inclined to treat them to same way. That’s natural human inclination that Jesus shows us how to overcome or not give into. If we really want to be like Christ, we will act the same towards everyone just as Chris did. No, our manner or ways of interaction and treatment will not cause everyone to respond in kind or change their ways or attitude—we cannot predict or determine this—but we can know that our Lord will be pleased with us when we live and act this way and that’s all that matters or counts in the end. Let’s Pray,

Dear God, these are good words and precepts to live by. Help us to do just that: to be considerate, humble, and courteous to everyone regardless of what kind of people they are, so we may please you in all things. Amen

Questions for Soul-Tending

What about today’s focus verse challenges you?

Who challenges your attempts to live in this way?

How will you incorporate today’s message into your plan of soul-care?

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