September 3, 2021

Jesus Crushed It!

But the God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. (Romans 16:20, ESV)

Sometimes when we want to say how well we or someone performed we will say “I/we/they” crushed it!  When we or others hear that we and they know exactly what’s being said. Spiritually speaking, that’s what Jesus did on the cross and when he came out of the tomb! God assured Adam and Eve and warned Satan in the very beginning, right after his creation sinned in the Garden that he was going to provide and make sure there was division between humanity and Satan and he let Satan know not even sin was going to separate him from his own beautiful creation whom he created with purpose for a purpose. And every time Satan enters in with the intent to bring destruction, separate us from God’s love or will or steal our abundant life—which is all the time and through every darkness—he discovers the promise of God is still holding up and in place.

I can imagine the eyes of Mary Magdalene when she first laid eyes upon her beloved Savior and Friend Jesus in that garden that first Easter morning. And the jubilant response of the disciples when they saw their Master and Teacher enter into that room. How they felt when Jesus spoke to them, let them touch him, ate with them. At that moment they understood so much more and must have had that feeling and affirmation that their Savior had really done it, he had crushed death and the grave, he had crushed the plans of his enemies, he had crushed Satan under his feet!

God wants to do that in our situations and circumstances today. His promise is still good and as powerful today as when he first spoke it and then wrote it down so we would always have it. Be it emotional, physical, mental, financial, relational, whatever is giving us fits and causing despair, God wants you and me to know and remember to believe in his promise and his power and invite him into the situation so he can crush it. Let’s Pray  

Thank you, God, that Jesus crushed Satan for us on the Cross of Calvary and continues to crush him to this day whenever he tries to bring destruction to our lives! Because Jesus crushed Satan we can live freely, abundantly, and joyfully. Amen

Questions for Soul-Tending:

What does this reminder do for you? Bring a smile to your face, joy to your heart or give you peace of mind?

How will you incorporate todays promise into your plan of soul-care?        

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