August 31, 2021

When the LORD brought us back to Jerusalem, it was like a dream! (Psalm 126:1, GNT)

Sometimes we are asking God for or praying about money or manmade solutions when what we really need is God’s favor. Human strategies will only get us so far and money cannot buy everything contrary to what we may have been taught or have come to believe. But God’s favor will put us where we need to be and where we cannot get to or have all by ourselves no matter how much money or clout we have. God’s favor is the thing that can change our experience and circumstances overnight. Literally. When Joseph was in prison, he could not have bought or bribed his way out, but because God showed him favor, he was taken from the jail to the palace in a matter of hours. The Israelites were in captivity one day and the next they were back in their own homeland praising God in jubilation. How? God’s favor. God’s children should not be ashamed or hesitant to ask for their Father’s favor. The writer of Hebrews says, “Come boldly to the throne of grace” (Heb. 4:16), which is another word for favor. Favor is God’s good will. It means “that which affords pleasure, joy, delight, bounty and reward” and God wants to do that for us. Asking God for favor is an act and prayer of humility and submission. It means we recognize we cannot do anything except depend upon God and we recognize him as all power, Almighty, and Sovereign.

Favor is God’s lovingkindness and through it he will change your circumstances in one day, overnight, no matter what kind of challenges you face or where you are in life. Let’s Pray

Dear God, why should we leave your favor untapped when it is there waiting for us? may we be those who come boldly to your throne and ask for favor without hesitancy or timidity. The new will know whit it feels like to be Joseph, the Israelites, and countless others who could rejoice because your hand reached in to save and deliver them. Amen

Questions for Soul-Tending

Have you been praying for something one way but recognize that you actually need God’s favor?

How will you change your prayers?

How will you incorporate todays focus into your plan of soul-care?               

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