August 27, 2021

God Keeps Track of Us.

Each one appears before God in Zion. (Psalm 84:7)

Beforethe invention of social media sites like Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Twitter and the like, it was easy to lose track of people. Even nowadays if someone is not connected to any of these sites knowing where they are or what they are up to is not guaranteed. It’s entirely possible to lose track of someone even when we are trying to stay connected. The psalmist writes that each one of us appears before God in Zion. Meaning God does not lose track of us, and he does not rely upon any earthly means to do so. He does not need to look us up on Facebook or anything like that to know where we are on any given day or moment or to know what we are up to. But his eyes are everywhere and in particular, on us every moment of the day. Today, even if we have a loved one we have not heard from or spoken with for some, have someone we have lost track of and have no idea where they are, they are not lost to God. He sees them and knows exactly where they are and he can speak your prayers of concern over them. What a comfort and peace God gives us by knowing he never loses sight or track of us no matter where we are in this great big world of his. From conception to death, then beyond that, God always knows where we are. Let’s Pray

Dear God, how awesome that you can keep track of us no matter where we are. In that case no one can ever really be lost. Thank you for keeping up with us all of our life. Amen

Questions for Soul-Tending

Have you ever felt God has lost sight or track of you or someone you cared about?

How can today’s promise bring peace to your heart, mind and soul?

How will you incorporate today’s focus into your plan of soul-care?                

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