August 19,2021

Truth and Consequences?

Guide me by your truth and instruct me. (Psalm 25:5, CEV)

Sometimes there is not an option. Sometimes when you tell the truth there will be consequences. It does not matter how you tell the truth, in love or with some anger or resentment; there will be consequences. Of course, the consequences of a lie are different from the consequences that come with speaking or living the truth. One’s foundation is solid, and in keeping with the commandments of God and the other’s foundation is not just sinking sand, but quicksand. Jesus always spoke truthfully, and the consequences ranged from being misunderstood, alienation, rejection from people and eventually death on a cross, but he did not shy away from truthfulness just because the consequences were steep and costly.

When we must tell the truth we can reflect on our Savior’s character and how much the truth cost him during his lifetime. It will seldom if ever cost us our actual physical life, but it may cost us things that are dear to us; things that mean a great deal to us. Still, that is no (good) reason to do otherwise. We can speak the truth—and always in love—confidently, with a sense of peace knowing even when it cost us something weighty or treasured or special to us, we have the approval of our heavenly Father, our Savior support, and a firm foundation to stand strong on and to go forward with. And when the truth is hard to speak, Jesus, through the power of his own Holy Spirit will give us supernatural courage to speak what needs to be spoken or must be lived out through our actions. Let’s Pray,

Dear God, sometimes speaking the truth—even speaking it in love is not only difficult, it’s costly. We pray not only for courage but pray if the truth does cost us something—even something dear to us, that you will help us be at peace with our losses, pull our emotions together, and determine to move forward. To keep standing and being encouraged knowing you are with us and eventually everything will work out for the best. Amen

Questions for Soul-Tending:

Do you have anything gnawing at your heart or conscious presently because you have not had the courage to speak or live the truth?

Have you spoken the truth recently but not in love? Do you feel led to apologize for your attitude or presentation even though you will not alter or change the truth?

Do you tend to shrink back from speaking the truth because you are concerned about offending or hurting someone’s feelings or compromising a relationship? How can you give your fear to God?

How will you incorporate todays focus into your plan of soul-care?  

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