August 14, 2021

Be Encouraged: God made both good days and days that don’t turn out so well!

This day belongs to the LORD! Let’s celebrate and be glad today.” (Psalm 118:24, CEV)

We might find it easier to rejoice and be glad in the day that goes well, to see how God made it, but more challenging to do so and keep this same attitude on days when things don’t turn out so well. I had to remind myself of this fact recently when our day started out fairly well and routinely but so quickly things turned around when my husband felt ill suddenly and we found ourselves scrambling to help get him regain his health and strength. As I was keeping an eye on him and praying for his recovery, I thought about how God designs each day and already knows how our days will turn so quickly from good to bad, even good to worse; but still, it’s his day and he made it. On a terrible day we are not celebrating the bad things that happen, we are not celebrating the sorrow or misery that comes to us, we are not celebrating the tragedies that occur, we are not even so much celebrating the fact that we are alive, but we are celebrating and rejoicing in God, in his power and might, in his Sovereignty and love.

Your day may have gotten off to a good start—or maybe not. It may appear to hold great promise—but maybe it doesn’t. It might seem everything is going as planned—but maybe already it has shown it’s not going to be a great, good or even the best day. But regardless, you can remember to rejoice in it, to be glad for it, to celebrate, not all the unplanned, challenging, disappointing or even difficult things it might hold, but celebrate God and all he is.   

Each day, no matter what it holds or how well it goes, belongs to God, and while we may find ourselves challenged, surprised, troubled, needing to recover or regroup, we can be glad knowing our God is in it with us, all the way to the end. Let’s Pray

Dear God, may our adoration of you extend beyond the good times and days but always be our state of worship of you. We confess that we don’t always remember to rejoice or be glad, we don’t always remember that each day, no matter what kind of day, belongs to you and you have designed it. Thank you for being in each day with us and being with us until the sun sets. May the cross of Jesus always be our reminder that we are sealed in your promises and loving care. Amen

Affirming Activity:

Reflecting on the promise that each day belongs to God can you find peace then, regardless of how a day turns out?

How will you incorporate this wonderful truth into your plan of self-care?       

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