August 12, 2021

Encouraging Affirmation: The Old You is Gone, the New You Has Come Into Being!

“Therefore, if anyone is new creation, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. (2 Corinthians 5:17, ESV)

At one time I worked in a garment alterations shop. It was fulfilling and rewarding work. I learned skills such as hem lengthening and raising, putting in new zippers, repositioning buttons and buttonholes, adding or detaching sleeves, pockets, etc. These were fairly simple and basic techniques to learn and execute. At times a more challenging alteration was needed: a suit needing to be resized, or a waistline on a dress needed to be brought in or let out, darts or tucks in certain areas to make sure the garment fit properly. Sometimes a fabric was not very forgiving or easy to work with which meant you had to get it right the first time around or the results could be disastrous. One of my first assignments was to shorten the cuffs on a silk blouse which were lined with rows of tiny pearls that had to be removed first, then sewn back on by hand. The fabric was delicate which meant I could not use a seam ripper or scissors but locate the thread that would loosen each pearl. It was a time-consuming task but the end result was beautiful and worth it. The shop’s owner had lots of repeat customers as well as referrals because she was good at what she did. I can’t count the number of times a customer was impressed at the finished product and expressed how they could not even recognize the former garment because it looked totally different. 

Paul says this is what it is like when we belong to Christ. We are being made brand new in and through him. By the power and working of his Holy Spirit we are being reshaped, resized, taken in or expanded in our behavior, attitude, or character. As the Spirit works with and within us the old is gone and the new is set in place; not as temporary alteration but in a permanent way. 

I appreciate how the ESV translation says “behold.” To behold means to “see or observe (a thing or person), especially something that is remarkable, or impressive; a wonder.” Think of your own former life, your former character, former attitude, or former way of thinking or going about things. Can you see how God has come in and remade you? How you are now a person with a character, attitude, mindset, actions to behold?  Belonging to Christ, every one of us should have something about ourselves, something that is behold-able. Something that is impressive, remarkable, a wonder. That those who knew us prior to becoming a new creation can say, “Wow!” look what the Lord has done in him/her! Look what a wonder he/she is today or now! Look how remarkable they are in that area, their way of thinking or doing!”  

I hope the Lord never stops doing his in my life or with me. None of us are so great or perfect that we don’t have room for improvement, being remade or refashioned. That our Creator is always looking at us seeing how he wants to make us remarkable or impressive especially when it means someone who needs to be able to see him more through us can do so. Let’s Pray,   

Dear God, I truly love and adore you. You are beautiful beyond description and too marvelous for words, too wonderful for comprehension like nothing ever seen or heard! I confess I can be so focused on my own and other’s flaws that I miss the remarkable things you do in me and them. Thank you for your workmanship. I am truly humbled by what you do for those who are in Christ Jesus. Humbled and grateful that the old will be replaced by the new and the blood of Jesus seals your wonderful promise in place. Amen

Affirming Activity:

How does today’s Bible promise cause you to look at yourself, or others differently?

How will you apply what the apostle Paul wrote to your own life and plan of self-care?    

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