August 11, 2021

Be Encouraged: God has given you skills to solve problems and become part of the solution.

“If you see that your neighbor’s donkey or ox has collapsed on the road, do not look the other way. Go and help your neighbor get it back on its feet!” (Deuteronomy 22:4, NLT)

Okay. There aren’t many places in modernized society where we might come across someone’s donkey or ox collapsed in the street, but if we think in modern day terms this passage simply encourages us to learn how to live in harmony with others. Living in harmony can include knowing that we are not to turn our back on those in need, even if their need is help to get their donkey of ox off the street. To become people who lend a hand to make sure our communities are better, to become part of the solution to a problem that presents itself.

As a child were you ever told by someone in authority to help clean up a mess you did not create? Our natural response would have been to balk at that or respond “But I didn’t make the mess!” None of us jumps at the chance to clean up a mess we didn’t make or create, more the opposite. But God says otherwise. God says we should be those willing to pitch in and help, to be those who lend a hand, use our wisdom, energy, intelligence, common sense to make sense of something or make something better.

God knows it’s so much easier to turn our head, turn our back, turn, and go in the other direction when we see a mess in front of us—no matter what kind of mess or problem it is. So much easier to stay distanced and not get involved, but in keeping with his own character and knowing we have been created in his image and have his nature and heart, remember how God didn’t turn his back when he saw the mess Adam and Eve made or the messes we keep making, but sent Jesus and comes down to this very day to help us clean up our mess, and create something truly beautiful and amazing in the process.

We can be encouraged to ask God how we might be of assistance in a time of need, how we can assist instead of thinking or feeling, “Hey, that’s not my problem!” and therefor fulfill the law of caring for and living in harmony  with others. Let’s Pray

Dear God I adore your ways and beautiful heart and confess I need to work on my heart of harmony and spirit of willingness to assist a bit more. Thank you for understanding me and giving me ways to fulfill your commands which are not beyond my ability to do so. Because Jesus came down to save me your promises are sealed over my life and being and I rejoice in that. Amen

Affirming Activity:

How will you fulfill the law of harmony and assisting others?

How will you incorporate this command into your plan of self-care?             

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