August 10,2021

Be Encouraged: God Anoints Your Head with Oil

You have anointed and refreshed my head with oil. (Psalm 23:5, Amplified Bible)

For some time, following surgery I could not wash my hair in the manner I was accustomed to. For me this was very uncomfortable. My daughter bought me a bottle of no-rinse shampoo and the first day I used it I was sold on it as a reliable and trustworthy product; it was a godsend and blessing over me. According to the instructions I washed then towel dried, afterward I massaged a small amount of olive oil cream into my scalp and immediately I felt refreshed inwardly and outwardly; 100% better. What does it feel like when God “anoints our head with oil”? In a spiritual, physical, emotional, or mental sense, much like I felt after my shampoo. Depending on how life is going, what is taking place internally or externally, what our need is, we might feel especially comforted, strengthened, peaceful, inspired, refreshed, or renewed in various ways. We can understand and connect with God’s anointing our head (life, being, person) with oil as his providential care over and for us.

It was customary during David’s time and a sign of hospitality for the host of a party or gathering to supply his guests with oil once they arrived. After traveling dusty roads and being exposed to the hot sun and desert heat nothing was more refreshing than having a bit of oil to massage into the hair and scalp. The oil acted as a soothing lotion to the skin much like we experience today. Like the guests arriving at a banquet during David’s time, receiving oil from their host to refresh themselves, God does not only pour over and into us, he massages his goodness into us in order to refresh us. He provides for us externally and internally.

If you pause to consider your own journey in life and circumstances how God is massaging his oil over your life or person presently, what comes to mind? How is he fulfilling his Fatherly, sovereign providential care in your life? More than anything, God wants you to remember as general and universal as his care is, it is also individualized. Therefore, he will massage you with his spiritual oil, whether your need is to know or experience his unconditional love, his nuggets of heavenly wisdom, his great grace and mercy, his peace beyond understanding, his heavenly comfort, or his generous, gracious forgiveness. God is the perfect host, never failing to anoint you with his beautiful, refreshing, holy oil. Let’s Pray

Father, I truly adore you and my adoration increases each day. I confess I need to pause more to consider the oil you pour over me so I can bask in it more and be refreshed by it. Thank you for this heavenly oil that does not run out and for anointing my head and being with it. Your Holy Spirit through Christ my Savior has become my eternal, never ending oil, always refreshing me, sealing me in your promises and love.        

Create a plan for Self-Care based upon today’s affirming promise.

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