August 9, 2021

Be Encouraged: The LORD will fight your battles for you.

“The LORD will fight for you while you [only need to] keep silent and remain calm.” (Exodus 14:14, Amplified Bible)

Pharaoh’s army was approaching fast, gaining ground rapidly, and in hot pursuit. The Israelites were in a frenzy. With a million people running all over the place in a panic the ground beneath them must have been shaking as well as their knees. But God gave Moses a powerful word to speak to them in their moment of terror. I love how the Amplified Bible translation reads, “the LORD will fight for you while you only need to keep silent and remain calm.” Keeping silent and remaining calm might be two of the biggest challenges when we face with any kind of enemy in any kind of battle. After all, we have a lot to say about what’s going on or what’s being said, and we feel anything but calm. Even our insides seem to be screaming at us. We are either in flight or flight mode and being calm is the farthest thing from our mind at the time.

This is one of those moments we can see why God chose Moses to extricate his people from bondage and deliver them to the promised land. Moses not only knew the dessert like the back of his hand after living in it for more than 4o years, but he had a compassionate heart and a natural desire to rescue people who were being oppressed. Lastly, he had the ability to shut everything else out and hear God’s voice clearly, then obey it. That is a critical trait for any Christian to cultivate. It’s the trait we need to cultivate when we are in any kind of battle if we are going to experience victory with God. Cultivating a willing spirit, willingness to deny the voice of doubt and skepticism yelling within us, override overwhelming emotions such as fear and discouragement. And as we work on these things it gives God the room and time he needs to secure our victory.

We might have to do some thoughtful and honest praying to God. Maybe something like “Lord, I know you are fighting this for me, and need me to remain silent—but I feel like saying a lot right now…I know I’m supposed to be calm, but I feel anything but calm right now. I pray for power to be obedient in all things and ask your Holy Spirit to be with me and help carry out this command so you can have your way in this matter.” God will not fail you.  

We don‘t have to be faced with armies the size of Pharaoh’s, it could be a system or only a small number. It could be a battle as we fight for a strong-willed child or prodigal son or daughter, fighting a battle to secure that promotion that should be ours, or for our marriage or mental or physical health. Whatever it is we can be certain and be confident that God will work on our behalf and be at peace to be silent and keep still.

Affirming Activity:

How does today’s Bible promise encourage you to be silent and calm while God works things out or fights your battles for you?

How will you incorporate this wonderful promise into your plan of self care?         

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