August 4, 2021

Be Encouraged: The Word of God is powerful and Effective for your life and circumstances

“The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple.”  (Psalm 119:130)

Have you thought about the power and efficacy of the written Word of God? perhaps you can remember a time as you read from the Bible, or heard a sermon that something about you changed, was transformed through it? A time when the Word of God touched your heart so strongly you knew you would never be the same again?

God’s written Word is to the human condition what Rembrandt and Thomas Kinkade were to art. Making scenes come alive on canvas or paper. God can use words to paint a beautiful masterpiece for the soul and mind. It is a mystery we will never be able to understand but just receive it and accept it as such. God can touch the human soul, change a life, penetrate the heart with a few words or verses as none other can through a thousand. By the Word of God, the chains can fall and release the imprisoned, bleak thoughts can be exposed to the light of truth, captured, and put in their rightful place, worries can be evaporated, sorrows turned to joy, anxiety become peace, disappointments put in proper perspective, and gray areas made clear. There is no end to what the written Word of God can do.

Through God’s Word a dismal outlook can turn to hope and courage imparted to those who have moments before trembled in their knees and spirit. The Word of God does exactly what God has intended it to do: effect change and affect all who are willing to spend time with it.      

I knew a lady who made it her ministry to read the Bible to the blind and visually impaired. Long before there were clever Bible apps, Google, and Bible on tape, she would go, twice weekly to a nearby nursing home and read to the residents. The hour she visited became so popular the nursing home needed to give her a bigger space to accommodate the sighted and visually impaired, residents and staff. Many a person was healed, strengthened, and even introduced to Christ through her readings. I can remember the day she told me how one resident, well known for his crabbiness and sharp tongue, came up to her and told her how God had touched his heart, healed his mind, and softened his tongue, all done as he sat and listened to her read from the Bible. One of the aides who stood beside him, confirmed what he said was true. Once he was a man who no one wanted to deal with or be around, now turned into one of the most pleasant and kind residents at the facility.    

God has a word for us, no matter what our need, what we have going on, whether it is trouble in our life or inner turmoil or spiritual dis-ease. The Word of God, wherever it is read from is always an unfolding and revealing Word and when applied to our life and circumstances we can be encouraged knowing wherever we read from something in it will be for us, touch us, help us, strengthen us, enlighten us, persuade us, heal us, restore or transform us. Let’s Pray

Dear God, I love and adore you and praise you for your amazing Word that you open up to us whenever we open our Bible. I confess I have not always sought your Word for counsel or searched it for help but today I thank you for reminding me it is there that my answers are buried. Because Jesus, the Living Word, came to earth, lived, and died for my sin your Word is powerful and real, sealed over my life. Therefore, I receive it and affirm it as a Word aptly spoken for me. Amen

Affirming Activity:

How will you affirm or apply today’s promise that the Word of God is an unfolding, revealing, teaching word when applied to your present circumstances or need?

How will you affirm today’s promise and incorporate it into your self-care?  

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