August 3, 2021

Be Encouraged: You Don’t Have to Be a “Super” Saint or Christian in order to enjoy the benefits of heavenly wisdom.

“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” ((James 1:5)

It is one thing to be knowledgeable and another to have wisdom. Many people are knowledgeable about many things. People can be highly skilled and knowledgeable in their field of work and area of study but that does not automatically mean they are wise people. Even in our Christianity, we can be well read regarding the Bible, but that does not make us wise Christians just because we have read our Bible regularly. To be considered wise in God’s eyes we must also be applying what he tells and shows us through his word and the messages we hear. This is where we can be challenged; where we might struggle and feel conflicted in our free will.

A wise person, a wise Christian is one who is willing to put into practice all they have learned from God’s Word. So, when the apostle wrote “if anyone lacks wisdom, they should ask God who gives wisdom generously” he is also letting us know if, even after we have read our Bible, and find we are still confused, conflicted, or in the dark about how to apply what we have read, then we should talk to God about our lack of wisdom or going forward in a wise way.

Wisdom is in the doing, not just gathering of information. God’s wisdom is to dictate and determine our actions and guide our decisions and behavior. Put this way, I can better understand what made my father-in-law so wise. It was easy to see him applying what he had read in God’s Word. I could hear it in his talk, but also saw it in his living. To this day I can remember how impressive his wisdom was. He was a man who not only knew God’s Word, had a wealth of knowledge, but also was a man who put into practice what he had learned from it. His heart, attitude, relationships, even down to the way he planted his garden, handled his finances, and lived his life reflected the wisdom God had imparted to him.         

God wants us to be, not just knowledgeable, but wise people and will not deny wisdom to those who ask for it. We do not have to be blessed with the spiritual gift of wisdom in order to have or practice wisdom, but simply ask God for it when we are confused, and he will give it to us.

Whenever we are stuck, uncertain what to do next, or how to act in certain circumstances, we can remember what James has written here and be encouraged through it. As he has said, God’s wisdom is available to everyone. That includes the young and old, well-educated, and undereducated, to all races and ethnicities, people with great wealth and those who are materially and financially poor. God’s wisdom does not discriminate, he does not show favoritism and he is not stingy with his wisdom, but generous to all, without disapproval or scolding.

The wisdom God imparts is designed to make a difference in our life, make a difference in the way we live life, handle relationships, finances, every aspect and area of life. It is to help us stand out and above those who choose to live without it. Heavenly, Spiritual wisdom is part of God’s plan of care for you and me and because he loves you, he will be generous to you and never deny you his wisdom when you ask for it. Let’s Pray,

Dear God, I love and adore you and praise you for your wisdom which you make available to me on a daily basis. I confess I have not always made wisdom a priority in life, nor called upon you to help me or give me wisdom. Today I reaffirm this wonderful and empowering promise over my life and thank you for the wisdom you are going to send to me in my day-to-day life as well as those critical moments when situations arise. Because Jesus died for my sins and made me his own through his blood, this promise is sealed over me and goes with me always. Amen

Affirming Activity:

How will you affirm or apply today’s promise to your present circumstances or need?

How will you affirm today’s promise and incorporate it into your self-care?  

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