June 6, 2021

Affirming Message: I Am God’s Child!

And I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me, says the LORD Almighty—2 Corinthians 6:18

Sometimes when my two sisters and I are ribbing or teasing one another we will say, “You are definitely your mother’s daughter!” We have even nicknamed our youngest sister Rudi-2, after my mother Ruth, because sometimes she can be so much like her.

What does it mean for us to be called and known as sons and daughters, not only of God, but the LORD Almighty: The MOST HIGH God? It means we are his family. We are his sons and daughters, his offspring, created in his likeness; brothers and sisters of Christ Jesus, and heirs and co-heirs with Jesus; having all the privileges and treasures of heaven opened up to us. 

Of course we have delve into the Word of God, listen to Bible-centered messages in order to learn all the privileges of being God’s child so they can attach themselves to our spirit and transform our thinking. But to briefly touch on what’s afforded to us as God’s children, we can know we have his protection, his love—that does not end and is unconditional, his forgiveness—which is inexhaustible—his grace, his mercy, his ear, his covering, his healing, his heart. We are the apple of his eye! We have his rich promises he has prophesied over us from the beginning of time, and even before the world and universe were put into place. We have his wisdom, power, righteousness, and authority that are ours as a benefit of our faith in his Son, Jesus. We have his provision, security, heavenly guardians, we have his strength, his peace, his patience, his goodness, his gentleness, his faithfulness, his ability to be long-suffering; we hold a special place in his heart that can never be taken from us, and we have a home which he has prepared especially for us, with him eternally.

The miraculous happens in our lives when we begin to identify and think of ourselves as God’s children. A supernatural strength enters in, and it is as though the things of this earth nor contrived of the forces of evil cannot touch or harm us any longer. We cannot be persuaded to disbelieve what we know in our heart, mind and soul. We are no longer feeling incomplete, lost, lonely, unable to cope or have hope, unsettled, uncovered, without purpose, torn, or discombobulated. As my husband has preached at least a thousand times or more something great things happen within our soul and spirit and mind when we know what we know what we know!

This grounding truth is one thing the devil does not want us to come to grips with. If he hopes anything it is that we never grasp what it means to be sons and daughters of the one and only Mighty, undefeatable, victorious God; never fully comprehend what it means to be a relative of the MOST HIGH God. Because that way he can keep us off balance, doubting and fearful.

Your Father wants you to feel like his child. He wants you to know without doubt that you belong to him. He wants you to be comfortable enough to approach his throne and discover there is nothing but grace, love, and acceptance waiting for you there. He wants to hear your childlike voice saying “Abba Father” (Dear Daddy). This is his joy and warms his heart.

Even if you never had the example of a loving, caring, protective, earthly parent or father he wants to show you what it is like to have one in him. Do not hesitate to claim your position as God’s child. Do not hesitate to call upon him as Father and tell him what you are thinking, feeling, or needing. He is happy when his children draw near to him and ask him whatever they want. If you want to know what makes God smile, it is not just your obedience it is when you claim him as your own dear Father. Let’s Pray,

I (name) am God’s (daughter/son). Amen!

I (name) and God’s (son/daughter), that means nothing can harm me. Amen

I (name) am God’s (son/daughter) and I will learn to operate from this position in my life, over my circumstances, in my mind and heart. Amen                     

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