May 30, 2021

Encouraging Affirmation: I am the salt of the earth!

You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet—Matthew 5:13

Salt acts as both a preservative and flavor enhancer. It can help prevent bacteria and microbial growth in meat and other foods. Salt is a mineral consisting of sodium and chloride and is extremely stable which makes it hard to nearly  impossible to go bad or lose its taste. Salt would have to undergo quite a bit in order to lose its natural saltiness. In fact, it is the additives (flavor enhancers) we add to salt that make it susceptible to breaking down and losing flavor under certain conditions.

This is a powerful promise Jesus affirmed over his followers during the Sermon on the Mount. As quickly as he had told them how they would be blessed if they had the right attitude during persecutions and trials (Matt. 5:1-12), he went on to say they were the salt (preservative, stability, valuable, righters and cultural balancers) of the earth and they were to make sure the hardships they experienced, nor cultural ideologies and behaviors destabilized them or diminished their saltiness. This reminds me of a slogan I have heard over and over on a news show when they promote “Know Your”

Gathered around Jesus that day were the common people of his time: the shepherds, laborers, market vendors, farmers…They did not have high standing in the community; were not looked upon with admiration, didn’t make much in wages; barely minimum wage, and tended to be among the poor of the community. Maybe they were the “essential” workers of their time. They had honest work, but not necessarily at the top of the pay scale. But Jesus reaffirmed their value and worth that day and he used the analogy of salt—which, just like bread, was such a hot commodity back then they often paid Roman soldiers their wages in salt—to do so.

You are the “salt” of the earth. That’s what Jesus still tells us today, especially today when we live in a world where we could feel insignificant, diminished, unimportant if we do not have something of value, low or even negative bank account, little or no 401k’s, maybe have not been to the best schools, or making the highest wage; if we are just hard-working, living paycheck to paycheck, middle-class, poverty-stricken, common folk, doing our best to get by; and even if we don’t fall into any of those categories, Jesus says you are the salt of the earth, valuable. You have worth, you bring something to the table of life and earth and this world would not be the same without you! In essence you matter to God, and your worth is not based upon your material possessions, education, socio-economic status but because you have been created by the Father, made in his image, are his masterpiece, filled with his Spirit, empowered by his love, and fashioned for purpose of good.           

Jesus said, in this world we are to accomplish two things: preserve the word of God, which means obeying Gods commands and assuring that the kingdom of God is spread everywhere by making disciples of all people groups. And being salt.  Meaning we are to retain the properties or our God-given nature that make us stand out in this world. No matter what we face or endure we are not to lose our saltiness, blend in just to get by, be intimidated or trampled upon. We might think of it this way: when we were made in the image of God, and then brought to the waters of baptism, the salt of God was poured into us and affirmed over us. We are not only royalty in heaven, but salt upon this earth. We are the reason Jesus looks to the Father and says  “not yet.” Or “have mercy Father!”     

No matter what the world or circumstances dish out, remember: God has ordained you to be the salt of the earth: that is who you are. The world does not establish your identity or set the standards for how you will live. It does not determine your value and worth, only God can do that, and he has said you are salt, valuable, and a hot commodity! You are the reason people know his goodness, see his provision and blessing at work, and come to know his Spirit of love. You are important to the Father and the Son and fulfill a necessary ministry when you affirm and live your life as the Father has planned and established over you by the power and will of the Holy Spirit. Let’s Pray,   

Dear God, salt is an important, natural mineral that serves so many purposes in our environment and life. Thank you for this precious mineral! Thank you also for helping me see how I am like salt upon this earth. Help me to always believe, trust, and live what you have called and shaped me to be. I am the salt of the earth and I will not lose my saltiness or be trampled upon, but sustained and filled by you, my heavenly Father. In Jesus’ name amen.

Activate this biblical affirmation by speaking it over your life and being:

I, (name) am the salt of the earth!

I, (name) am meant to give off and retain my spirit of love, peace, goodness, compassion, joy, and forgiveness, and wherever I go I will add the salt. I am the salt of the earth, not because of what I have or who I know, but because my Father has created me in his image and I stand out in this dark world! Amen

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