May 28, 2021

Encouraging Affirmation: I Am Meant to Shine!

You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.—Matthew 5:14-16  

My father-in-law raised five boys who turned out to be awesome men. Out of five, two have gone home to be with the Lord. The life-lessons and wisdom he shared with his sons helped them develop a strong work ethic, become wise and highly disciplined. One of the disciplines they learned was as simple as keeping their shoes shined. One of the wonderful stories my husband has often shared with our own children and now grandchildren is of his growing up and how that simple discipline kept them from being wrongly arrested for a crime they did not commit. It seems that two boys in a neighboring community were up to mischief, throwing rocks through windows and damaging property. As my husband and one of his younger brothers walked down their alley after leaving home, they were stopped by two police officers and questioned about their recent activity. Of course, they were able to answer they were not the boys the police were looking for but one of the officers was not so quick to believe them and began to physically search their bodies, patting their pockets for rocks, feeling under their shirts to see if they were perspiring, or if their hearts were racing. It was then one officer noticed their shining shoes and stated there was no way it could be them because their shoes were too clean for them to have been running. Based upon the shine of their shoes the police let them go on their way.    

Sometimes shining in this world will be as easy as keeping shoes shined but other times, in fact many times shining will not be so easy. We will run into all kinds of obstacles: troubles and trials that come into our lives can keep us from shining. Or times the devil is at work trying to keep us from shining. He has all kinds of tricks and plans in his bag and is always doing something to dissuade us and dim our light. Then there are people we meet and sometimes know quite well, who will do things to keep us from shining; to discourage us. They may try to get us to live by their diminished perception of who we are; to be the “us” they are more comfortable with. Those who want us to downplay who we are, those who are uncomfortable with our brightness, character and glow and would prefer we be more like them, and don’t forget there is ourselves. Sometimes we can be our own light-killers and dimmers especially when we are operating from our own fears, insecurities and easily intimidated or worried about fitting in with the crowd and ideologies of others.

Jesus said you are the light of the world. He used a universal symbol for what is beneficial for all people; everyone benefits from light. A Christian’s light is not meant to be hidden or put under baskets of self-doubt, insecurities, timidity, criticism or discouragement from others, fear, or lack of knowledge, but set upon a hill, exposed for all to see, and be helped by. Our light will become the source that helps influence others, not only to do good themselves, but to see and be drawn to the God we serve and love. They will see our kindness, our compassion, our love, our caring spirit, our goodness and helpful attitude and learn through our example these are good ways to live their own life. Like my husband’s childhood story that has been able to influence our children and grandchildren to develop disciplines and strong character, our works before others will lead other to Christ who is the light of the world.  

You are meant to shine. God has created you to illuminate his light and by doing so you illuminate the darkness around you. You make a difference in this world, you stand apart because you back up your words, your declaration of faith in Jesus with good works; you shine the light on your heavenly Father and his own goodness and love. Because God made you in his image and poured his Spirit into you, you are going to shine. Your Father’s creative power flows through you and he has destined you to shine. God loves it when you shine and applauds when you refuse to let others diminish you in any way, or influence you to disregard, ignore, or pass up opportunities to inject good and light into bad and darkness. When the Spirit shows you opportunities to do good to others or be helpful or compassionate he is also giving you permission, encouragement and courage to shine. He is saying, “Go ahead, let you light shine before others so they can see your good works and want to do likewise! Go ahead and shine because when you shine you are being your awesome, the new creation god made you to be which is now your natural self and God is pleased. No matter what happens in your day or life, remember: You are meant to shine! Let’s Pray,

Dear God, thank you for sharing your light of love through me. Help me to shine not only today but in every circumstance and around all people. Because you strengthen me I will not hide my light but set it upon a hill for all to see and learn to know and love you as I do. In Jesus’ name. amen

Activate this biblical affirmation by speaking it over your life and being:

I, (name) am meant to shine!

I, (name) am meant to shine brightly and give off love and light wherever I go. I am meant to shine and illuminate the love of God which glorifies him. My light makes the difference in this dark world! Amen

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