May 23, 2021

Affirming Message: “I am the Apple of My Father’s Eye”

Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings—Psalm 17:8

David may have written this prayer during the time the disposed king Saul was pursuing him to kill him, where he pleads to God to cover and protect him. He did not want to kill Saul. He did not want Saul’s blood on his hands. His only crime was obeying God and doing what God directed him to do. For this reason, he was being stalked like wild prey for the hungry and ravenous lion Saul, waiting to tear him apart (vs12).

David turns the word “pupil” into a beautiful, visual picture of where we are with our heavenly Father, or how our God keeps us in his sights. We are not in his peripheral vision only, but at the center of his vision.

The pupil is that opening at the center of the iris—the structure that gives our eyes their color–the pupil allows light to enter the eye so it can be focused on the retina to begin the process of sight. We don’t have to fully understand the workings, function, structure or placement of the pupil to know it plays an important role and is an important component of the eye that allows us to see, focus, and have sight. Healthy pupil, healthy sight.

David asks to be kept at the center of God’s vision; to be the “apple/pupil” of God’s eye, that God will never lose sight of him so whether he is in distress—as he is presently—or not in distress; in times of trouble or otherwise, that God will see him and if need be, put him in a safe place which is in the shadow of God’s wings.

Sometimes, like David, we are being stalked and hunted down by the wicked. As we rack our brains or search our memories trying to figure out why and don’t come up with any good reason or anything solid, we can be reminded this is also a part of the tragic consequence of the world’s fall and sin condition, where we can often suffer through no particular fault of our own. During these times we can remember David’s deep prayer and make it our own. In trouble or out of trouble,  being stalked, hunted like pray, accused, or attacked by in enemy force or power, we can know our position with and relationship to God, and experience the power, peace, comfort, confidence, and strength that comes through this powerful affirmation.   

By affirming (speaking) this truth over ourselves we are reminded and remembering we are always at the center of God’s eye. His attention is always on us, he never loses sight of us and does not hesitate to put us in a safe place whenever we need to be hidden away and protected from harm or danger.   

Father, I release any thought or habit of thinking I am uncovered or not fully protected in this life or world, but I affirm that I am the apple of your eye. You not only have me in your peripheral vision, but at the center of your vision. You never lose sight of me and when you need to you tuck me away and secure me in the shadow of your wings where I will not be harmed or ravaged by any enemy presence or force. Like David, I praise you for your goodness and love over me and affirm this powerful promise over my life and person. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

Act of Affirmation: Affirm this truth and blessing by speaking David’s prayer to be “kept as the apple of God’s eye” over your life and person whether you are being pursued by any enemy and even during times where life seems quiet and uneventful.                

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